Websites having Awesome Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

Have you ever tried searching for free stock photos? If so, you might have got the idea how tiring it is to find awesome copyright free pics.

In general, free stock photos are very difficult to find. A large share of DSLR and digital stock photography market is owned by big companies like Shutterstock, who normally charge $15 or even more for a single royalty free image. Sometimes even when we are able to find free stock photos, most of them are low resolution, blurry or have a company watermark.

After doing some research I came across few websites where we can find high-quality, copyright free pics without any hassle or significant cost.

Websites having Free Stock Photos

Here’s a list of websites offering royalty free stock photos for free.

  • Pixabay

Pixabay is a well known website in graphic designers community. The images offered by this website are of high quality and users are even offered an easy-to-use search feature.

  • Unsplash

Website named Unsplash adds 10 new royalty free stock photos free every 10 days and the pictures they add are breathtakingly attractive. All the pictures they add are of high-resolution and non-watermarked.

  • Superfamous

Pictures offered by SuperFamous are perfect to be used for website design or as desktop backgrounds. This collection is created by Dutch artist Folkert Gorter and his graphic-design peers. All the pictures offered are of high quality.

  • IM Creator

IM Creator which is an online website building tool, also offers a small library of pictures free of copyright and all the pictures offered are of premium-quality. Attribution is required to use the pictures but it’s well worth it.

  • Gratisography

When it comes to Gratisography‘s collection which is built by Ryan McGuire, an artist and web designer, the website offers some of the most expressive images and most importantly they don’t even require any attribution whatsoever.

  • FreeImages

FreeImages is one of the full scale directories of open-source images. It is one of the go-to resource for almost every graphic designer while working on new projects. Most of the stock-photo websites focus on small niche e.g. scenery photography etc. but FreeImages offers numerous pictures from a diverse range of categories. Another important thing is that all the pictures offered are searchable, which is an an incredible time-saver when working on a project.

  • MorgueFile

MorgueFile might be one of the simplest website on this list but due to the quantity and quality of Free Stock Photos the site offers have made it’s spot on the list. This website has a streamlined layout and carefully organized list of royalty free pictures. The pictures offered by MorgueFile covers wide range of topics.

  • Little Visuals

LittleVisuals is an awesome website which uploads pictures in more of a small-scale, handpicked approach as compared to almost every other stock-photo sites. Users will have to Sign up for this website email list and every week they receive around seven high-resolution pictures.

These sites mentioned in this article might be helpful for anyone looking for Free Stock Photos to use on their blogs, websites, graphic design work or on any freelance projects.

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