Connecting Azure Windows Virtual Machine

Azure Windows Virtual Machine

Microsoft Azure is a great place for cloud computing. You have plenty of things to get your work done. One of great feature provided by Azure is powerful virtual machine. You can create Windows and Linux OS virtual machines depending on your needs. Today I’m going to show you guys how to connect to an Azure Windows virtual machine. First you need to create an Azure windows virtual machine. If you have created already we are good to go. If you don’t know how to create virtual machines in Azure, just follow this tutorial to make Azure virtual machine.

  • First login into your account. After successful login go to virtual machines -> select the virtual machine you want to connect. Make sure to select a Windows base virtual machine.
  • In second step press connect button in upper side of virtual machine, this pic is of azure new portal.


  • For old portal  button is in bottom.


  • After pressing the connect button this will download a .rdp file that will be used to connect Azure Windows virtual machine.
  • Open that .rdp file a window will appear asking you to connect or cancel. Just hit the connect button.


  • After this a window will appear asking you to enter credential of your Azure Windows virtual machine. Enter the credentials you entered at time of making virtual machine.


  • After entering credentials hit OK button a dialogue will appear asking you “ Do you want to connect the despite the certificate error” just hit the Yes button.


  • After pressing Yes remote desktop will continue to connection to your Azure Windows virtual machine


  • This will take a minute to connect to you Azure windows virtual machine. After successful connection, you can access your virtual machine.

vm_con6 vm_con7

Note: If remote desktop gives an error ”Connection refused ” or you don’t have permission to connect this machine. Just go to your virtual machine -> more -> reset remote access

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