What is Ultra HD and Super Hi-Vision


What is Ultra HD and Super Hi-Vision 

The  Ultra HD  Ultra High  definition (UHD)  or Super  High Vision  is  the  new  talk  of the  town  these  days. the world  is  perceiving  the  new  dimension  of  colored  display  which  is  the  result  of  technological advancement in the field of IT and a continual process of design and re-engineering  .This advancement has become a mainstream success and is now used as a standard in all the digital and cinematographic content that is seen and broadcasted all over the world. This article gives insights about what Ultra HD is.


The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) defines ULTRA HD as one display that displays approximately 8 million effective pixels. The lower resolution boundary is said to be 3,840 by 2160 pixels at least. Nowadays with latest home theater systems people prefer to have ULTRA HD screens.

In comparison to Full HD display which supports 1920×1080 pixels The ULTRA HD has four times more pixels than the regular Full HD content. This means that there will be more detail and better contrast than other digital formats available as a result the display will be crisp and would offer a much more vibrant tone.

According to a source, one can easily put all the information of a 1080p into one -quarter of the 4 K screen which means that there is a lot of  information horizontally and vertical in a grid-like format which transforms into an image that we see on the 4 k Screen.This is the main idea about what Ultra HD actually is.

Importance of Higher Pixel Density:

The higher pixel density could be well understood by considering  a simple example of solving a jigsaw puzzle the more  pieces you have to the puzzle the  easier it is to see that what is in the big picture. So the more pieces you have to the puzzle the more immersive and richer experience you get.

Different conventions and Standards in Ultra HD:

Two main 4 k display resolutions are followed as a standard in the world

  • DCI (4K) Resolution standard
  • UHD-1 or UHDTV

DCI 4 K Standard:

The Digital Cinema Incentives standard refers to 4k pixels vertically on order of 2k pixels. DCI standard is followed mostly in movies and cinematographic content.

UHD-1 Standard:

The UHD-1 standard is used in television, computer monitors, video games and other electronic gadgets.

Aspect Ratios comparison:

Aspect ratio simply means the width to height ratio the DCI 4k uses an aspect ratio of 1:9:1 while UHD-1 supports aspect ratio of 16:9 or 1:78:1


ULTRA HD Premium is an alliance of 35 different companies with a strategic vision to provide consumers a differentiated experience that delivers a premium expression of creative intent using next-generation audio and visual technologies. Which include Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and LG, Panasonic and audio companies Dolby and Television production platforms as NETFLIX.

Gaming in ULTRA HD is  an ultimate bliss for all the gaming freaks out there but at the moment . There is not much hardware support available for 4 K as it will only get better with time. As of now both the XBOX one and the PS4 do not have 4k gaming Support but gaming at 1080 p is also not a bad option either  as the hardware is compatible with Full HD support.

XBOX one S supports UHD TV content playback but this is only limited to Television content   both Sony and XBOX might consider including full 4k support in their next iterations. Nevertheless ,this is the thing that only time will tell .  It may take some time for the hardware geeks to come up with the persistent solution  as it is believed that incentives like project Scorpio and ps4 will definitely make consumers contented .


Streaming in ULTRA HD has also started to move into  perspective to gratify consumers and their ever increasing demands. Multi-national Entertainment companies such as NETFLIX and HULU are now providing  ULTRA HD streaming service to consumers at a subscription cost with plans starting from just around $ 12 per month as of 2016.

Amazon Prime is also offering a similar experience to its customers likewise at a price. However, consumer reports suggest that NETFLIX is more convenient to use at times.  It all comes down to your own personal liking and which service is available in the area or region you are in.


According to NETFLIX CEO, 15-20 Mbps is the minimum  necessary requirement to stream ULTRA HD content . while it is recommended that you must have an internet connection speed of up to 50 Mbps to get the best out of your experience.  It is highly recommended that you have a good bandwidth and connection speed.

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