Best Android Fitness workout apps

Best Android Fitness workout apps

Workout Apps

Want to know about the best Android fitness workout apps ?  We are quite sure that  you might have  tried using different Android fitness apps  but you still could not quite find what you were looking for  you might be feeling dejected and perhaps still be wondering  which app to choose that best supplements your needs.  Gone are the days that when you had to be  bothered and worried about it  as we have come to your rescue . Let’s just get back to the time when  Symbian phones ruled the smartphone industry and Nokia was the king of all the cellphones and nowadays smartwatches becoming more and more popular.

In the year   2007, Android was introduced by Google  however, the first commercial smartphone was introduced back in the year 2008 ever since then the performance, customizability and operability of this open source software platform  improved and now it is ruling the market with a market share of around 87 percent as of 2016.

But why are we in the dire need of getting the best fitness workout app  why was it not that important back then?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that both the hardware and the software were not capable enough and also most of the applications available that time were pre-installed stock applications made by the vendors themselves.  The OS also at that time did not support as many third party applications.

Let’s get back to the topic now. We know that the Play store  is heavily packed with all the applications. If you look for the best android fitness workout app, you’ll find a bunch of different apps. But which one will supplement your need is the big question.

The smartphone manufacturers today like Samsung, LG, and Sony etc are pushing themselves to their limits in order to earn value and loyalty from their customers. When it comes to the best android fitness workout apps how can they stay behind in the contest ?   Now let’s one by one analyze  the apps introduced by these companies for their latest flagships and the android play store.

S health

S health is one of the best fitness apps available on the play store which includes features such as heart a rate monitor, step counter and much more Samsung has integrated a pedometer to the hardware that detects and records every step you take. Samsung launched S health for the first time in its flagship device Samsung Galaxy s3 for the first time and it is also available in all the latest iterations. S health provides you with many options like steps counting, blood oxygen level measurement, UV index measurement, keeping a record of all your daily intakes and glucose level.  You can challenge your friends online using this app and see for yourself that how well you are doing Samsung says getting more fit with competing with your friends is more fun. These were the features of S health. Did it come up to the expectations that we can call it the best android fitness workout app or not? Well let’s just move forward with the other ones and at the end we will announce a winner.

LG health

As it’s quite obvious from the name itself that it’s a health app from LG. The company announced a pretty nice user-friendly interface according to LG  it tracks your activity and provides info about related activities.  But let’s just move forward to the features and what’s different. Features include customizing the app by yourself even you can start off at a beginner level and then proceed to the next milestones. LG provides information about exercises for the beginners. 24-hour monitoring makes this app a good deal to have. LG integrated this app  to its smart watch  as well  which not only keeps a track of your daily fitness activities but also helps you to keep a record of your caloric intake.
LG claims that it supports all  the LG smartphones as well as all the other smartphones, in the market running on android.


Sony steps into the competition with a brilliant interface  impressing everyone with  new features. One of the Sony’s slogan says “Keep your finger on the pulse with life log”. Very impressive right?  but did it live up to the competition and expectations, well let’s find out?  In day to day performance,  the app  performs really well and gives us all the features that we all need in a fitness app. Sony also integrated it with its smartwatch so that you have your health companion with you all the time. Rising to the challenge and taking control of your life this health app is very impressive but the competition is always tough.

We have also reviewed the best fitness trackers currently available so you might not face any difficulty if you’re looking for a good fitness tracker along with the best fitness workout apps.


We could not obviously analyze  all the fitness workout apps available  in the android market but we have just discussed the top ones in the stack. These were some of the best android fitness workout apps in the market but, we also wanted to declare a winner from these three.

S health is the clear winner here  Samsung has continuously been updating this app and giving the user’s the best experience from the best interface to best features. Obviously, the heart rate monitor is the biggest edge over all the other workout apps out there.

So hope you enjoyed and probably found the best android fitness workout app you were looking for.

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1 Comment

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    November 21, 2016 at 6:54 am

    excellent articles and very helpful to finding such kind of useful apps

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