Learn How to take screenshot on a PC?


 learn How to take a screenshot on your PC

Want to learn how to take a screenshot on your PC? Well, let’s first talk about the OS you are using If your operating  environment is windows  it’s very easy and I mean it very easy.  Whether you have a latest PC or a Laptop, In case you have Mac OS then still nothing to worry about this article will give insights about how to take a screenshot on your pc.

How to take a screenshot on a PC running on windows

Let’s get started Talking about the windows operating system, in the early days  we all knew that there was no windows store at all. But we had the orthodox and more conventional way of taking a screenshot using paint. Remember paint, yes you guessed it right on which we used to draw paintings and stuff. But that’s not all. The paint is the second thing. The first thing if you ever noticed is your keyboard. Yes, you read it correctly . There is a button that appears in the function keys that is inscribed as “prt sc”. Now I am pretty sure you went up  looking for that. Have you found it? Good. Now let’s press that button. Oh there you go nothing happened You may be thinking I am bluffing. No that’s not the case now let’s go back to Paint. Now by going into the paint right-click on it and select the paste button or just use the shortcut keys ctrl+v. There you are you’ve learned  how to take a screenshot on a PC using windows OS.

New app named Snipping tool

Now that we have the good old method of taking a screenshot and then editing it or whatever you wanted to do. Now let’s get to the modern and more efficent method of taking a screenshot. Although the previous  method still works, but windows has made it alot easier for you to take a screenshot. Now in windows 7 and the comming iterations we see that there is already a default in-built application named as snipping tool  that can do the job of screenshot for you. You can also download it from the windows store if  by some reason you don’t have that in there. This app takes the best screenshots in just one click. You can simply just click the new option  from the toolbar menu and then drag  your mouse to the part of the screen you wish to take screenshot of and  there you have it its just as simple as that.

So now you know how to take a screenshot on a PC in windows OS.

Let’s talk about the Mac OS. By following these steps you can easily learn how to take a screenshot in you Mac OS.

How to take a screenshot in Mac OS

In your Mac OS by clicking on the menu you can reveal its contents. After that follow the shortcut keys as Command-Shift-4. By pressing this the pointer changes to a crosshair. Now by dragging you can select the menu. Now release your mouse button or touch pad. There you go you have learned how to take a screenshot on your Mac OS. Now if you want to cancel press the escape button to perform this action.

we hope you have learned  how to take a screenshot on a PC running on Mac OS.

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