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We welcome you to BottomStack. Bottomstack is a Technology blog and Tech niche website for your convenience and our smooth operations, we have set forth some rules and guidelines that conform to community standards. As a part of being our family you must adhere to these rules. Before using this website make sure that you go through all the terms of use clauses these terms of use apply to all visitors who visit this website. It is also to mention that your access to the website is intermittent and may be averted in case you do not comply with these terms of use.

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This website is our intellectual property and any theft alteration or re-distribution of any material presented in this website without our prior consent is the practical violation of intellectual property rights and is punishable by International Law.

Acceptable Use

This website is only for informational purposes the views that are expressed here are based on consumer reports and our own personal experience. Your opinions and views may differ from us or any other users of this website you are requested to maintain a proper decorum and are requested to respect other people opinions and views.

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Bottomstack may provide links to some authority or third party domains/websites. We donot hold any responsibility for only outbound link that lands you on some un-intended page or may raise security and privacy concerns. However, we try our best to provide links to only those websites that conform to our standards and as well as the community standards.

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Our website follows a strict policy against spams be it of any form. Everything that we post on website has to undergo spam check and moderation to be made a part of our website.


As afore-mentioned that your access to the website is temporary and conditional we may block a visitor from accessing the website if he/she fails to comply with our terms of use. 

Limitation of Liability

The website owners are solely responsible for the pattern in which they interact with the website. The board of directors, employees, staff, our affiliates and global partners are not to be held accountable for any potential harm to anyone by using this website you agree that no claim will be made against us of any sort. For more information see our disclaimer.

Modification of this Agreement

We at bottomstack reserve the right to modify or make any changes to the terms of use at any time. If you continue to use our service it implies that you have no objection with our changing and modification of this agreement.

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