What are the new features of Gmail App?

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In this article we will discuss the new features of the recently released Gmail App?

Google was launched back in 1996 and since then we are ever so great full to Larry page and Sergey Brin for providing users a service that would change how people retrieve information. In 2004 Google introduced an e-mail service for Google users known as Gmail. As the Gmail platform evolved there came a time when Google gave the  Gmail mobile app for Android and iOS.

Google becomes the biggest contributor in the Android open source mobile operating system. With proper developer documentation many developers started developing Android Apps. Today the Google Play Store is the biggest app market place in the world.

Gmail app was introduce as to provide the same experience we have on our desktop and laptops to our mobile phones.

Enough talking about the history. Let’s discuss the main topic here. Google provided new features for the users. But today the question arises in many minds those who have been using Gmail since the beginning what’s new? Well let’s discuss about what’s new.

There are number of things which are new and believe me they all make the overall user experience easier and relaxing.

New features includes Google+, Google drive, saving your contacts on to your Gmail account, Calendar, Hangouts, and Google Buzz. Now these all are not the features of an app, they all are standalone products of Google. But these all are being integrated with Gmail so to have an all in one experience in a single mobile app. So let’s find out more about the new features in the Gmail app.

There are 5 new features that you probably did not know about.


You can change the theme of  your Gmail app by just going into the settings and then to the themes menu. There are a bunch of new themes that makes the appearance of your app even more beautiful.


Well guess what our very own emoji’s got a new makeover by Gmail. New Emoji’s are there that make our chatting and emailing experience more fun.

Undo Emails

Well there is a good news. You can now undo your send emails. Big relief right? Well guess what google has been working on this for a long time and kept it as a secret. But finally Google now allows its users to use this amazing feature.

Inbox Review with tabs

Google’s inbox review has changed much and believe me it’s a relief that google has make different sections/tabs. Sections are divided into promotions, social and primary. Now all you promotion emails comes into promotions section. You social media mails and stuff e.g. twitter and Facebook etc. are all in the social section. And finally all the primary emails in the primary one.

Unlimited Cloud storage

Google allows its users to save:  pictures, files, videos and emails in a huge cloud-based storage of up-to 15 GB. And it’s for Google drive, Gmail and Google+ also.


The all new Google contacts has been a great feature of Gmail app that allows users to sync all their contacts with their Gmail accounts. Those contacts can be transferred directly to any mobile device or any other contacts application using the contact export feature.

So there you go these were some amazing new features added into the Gmail app. Hope you’ve liked it.

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