Top Android Security Apps For 2018

Top Android Security Apps

Are you looking for the top Android Security apps 2018 has to offer? Is your phone not safe? Is your phone getting more malware? Well then there are a number of security apps on Android Play Store. But you might be thinking about the best ones among them all. In this article we cover the top android security apps.

The main issues with anti-virus apps are that they are very slow and don’t detect or remove viruses properly. Viruses tend to damage the system with in a matter of few seconds. Running security apps on phone was not much of a concern few years back. But these days security apps in smartphones are a necessity. Let’s discuss a few of the famous security apps and how effective they are against viruses.

Avast Mobile Security

First up is the Avast Mobile security app.  We all know that Avast has huge user base when it comes to the PC users. But did it do well in the mobile user community? Well let’s discuss a few of it’s characteristics.

Let’s discuss the features which are offered by Avast Mobile Security. It features a virus scanner, virus removal tool, network meter, app manager ,and an app locker. You are obviously been familiar with all these aren’t you? If no then don’t worry let’s just see what these features had to offer to us.

Virus scanner scan’s your phone to see and to locate if there is a virus in the phone or not. Virus Removal as the name states will remove all the detected viruses. Network meter provides a check and balance for your IP. It provides neat IP monitoring and the main thing is that it works in the background . App manager manages all your apps by scanning them one by one individually and maintain the apps from using extra space. App locker will provide you with a facility of locking your apps so that no one can see your confidential information.

There are many other features also provided by Avast as  it can be used as firewall for rooted phones, the basic package is free and an upgrade costs  around 15$ per year. With the upgrade you can remotely access the camera and can take a picture of whoever has your phone if your device is stolen.
Due to reasons mentioned above it is included in our Best Android Security Apps 2018 list
360 Mobile Security

Next up is the 360 mobile security app. It provides many features it can scan your phone for malware and viruses in real time. It’s also capable of detecting and fixing system vulnerabilities and cleaning up the apps running at the background to help your phone run more efficiently. There are many apps that run at the background without keeping the user aware. This makes the phones performance a little bit of slow. The 360 Mobile Security app helps in clearing those apps in real time. It also includes a privacy adviser feature. It makes your personal things private for you. The best part is that with all these features the 360 Mobile Security is free. Find it on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

ESET Mobile Security

ESET mobile security has gained much appreciation among PC Users. ESET has recently entered in the mobile app market with a blast. It provides all the feature that are available to the PC users. It is another amazing protection for your mobile device. There is a free version of ESET available on the Google Play Store. As well as a paid version that requires a $20 subscription per year with some extra features included is also available. It features protection from viruses, malware and phishing. You can remote lock your device and prevent anyone from installing anything on your device. It allows the user to monitor data usage and there is an advance call blocking function. Find ESET at the Play Store and Amazon Store. Due to reasons mentioned above it is included in our Best Android Security Apps 2018 list

So these were the top Android Security Apps. Hope you liked it.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. christy latham

    November 9, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Good Article. Android security apps boost speed to improve the performance and RAM of your phone,keeps you safe from malware, and offers extra protection for rooted devices and also boost your games to make them run smoothly.

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