Best Intelligent Apps 2018(Virtual Assistants)

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In today’s world there are a lot of technologies but the one that is successful and recognized is Artificial Intelligence. Most of the industry big names are now moving towards artificial intelligence and creating intelligent apps that play the role of a virtual assistant or a BOT. Artificial intelligence can be defined as when a computer thinks and behaves like human but there are still limitations as a system can’t exactly think like a human. Everybody is familiar with SIRI the first among the intelligent apps designed and built by Apple. Today you can find hundreds of different intelligent apps like SIRI and they are all built for different purposes. In this article we are going to review few of the intelligent apps.

1: Cortana

2: Google Now

3: Hound

Cortana among top Intelligent apps, virtual assistant


Cortana is the intelligent app designed by Microsoft. Microsoft first introduced Cortana on its pride mobile platform Windows Phone 8.1 and later it was made available to other platforms like Windows 10. It is designed to be users very own personal virtual assistant i.e. from taking notes to keeping track of users activities. Cortana evolves over time and adapts to user comfort and habits. Cortana is now available on Android and iOS also. Cortana can be synced with multiple devices i.e. from your home desktop to your office system and mobile devices all are synchronized. Cortana can easily interpret different English accent which makes it easy for non-native English speakers. There is a limitation that it is only limited to English language but sooner or later it will be available for multiple languages also.

Google Now best among top Intelligent apps, virtual assistant

Google Now:

Google Now is considered to be the best intelligent app in Android market. It is integrated with tons of features that includes the basics and more advanced stuff like anticipating your needs, Google Now on Tap, and a lot more. This app is stable and can be accessed from anywhere above all it’s also updated on constant basis by Google which increases its stability and range of features. If your device has Google Play Services, you probably already have this installed which means you just have to turn it on and use it.

hound among top Intelligent apps, virtual assistant


Hound is another intelligent app that lets users do their daily tasks with ease. It can interpret multiple accents, just speak in native accent and it will give you accurate results. Hound gives users fast and accurate  search results as per user query, such as weather information, placing a phone call, sending a text , finding a hotel/restaurant that matches your criteria, navigation, checking the stock market, searching and playing music, and even playing interactive games. Hound takes a step further in machine understanding by combining speech recognition and language understanding at the same time. This Speech to Meaning capability makes this app the new way to search and do things easily with fast response without typing. It has the ability to identify details and context, only few of the renowned intelligent app has this ability.

Our verdict, Google Now is the best intelligent app of 2018 in the market as of now. There are lots of other apps that are trying to make their mark but they are still under progress. As of Google Now, there is no one till now that can match its functionality and stability. Most of the intelligent app are only performing regular tasks and not any advanced stuff but Google Now has it all.

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