What are the Best Apple TV Apps for 2018

top Apple TV Apps

Are you looking for the Best Apple TV apps of 2018? Well, let’s talk about the Apple TV 4th generation. Apple says that its new Apple TV is designed around the reality that we already use apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now etc. The Apple TV remote control now features a touch based gesture control and a Siri access button, this means that searching is at a whole new level with the Apple TV. With Apple TV, the future of television is here.

top Apple TV Apps

Now with the new Apple TV, we’ve got the ability to download 3rd party apps in to our Apple TV’s and with the newly designed remote control and Siri you can control your Apple TV more easily efficiently and easily. With the help of an all new accelerometer embedded onto the remote control playing games on the Apple TV has been taken to a whole new level as remote motion can be used to play games also. Let’s head back to the top Apple TV apps.

So first things first we are not going to discuss the apps like Netflix, YouTube, MOB and HBO Now etc. because these apps are the sole reason that you have bought the Apple TV. But instead, we are going to discuss those apps which have enhanced the functionality and have made the Apple TV more useful for the consumers.

My Tuner Radio

The app actually streams radio channels from around the world right into the Apple TV. Now if the users search for a radio channel in a particular Country, there will be a vast variety of channels to stream from and you can enjoy music on your favorite wireless speaker system whenever you want to.

Yahoo Sports

This app keeps the users updated about the sports they like to follow. There are other many sport specific apps also available in the store but the information those apps provide is limited to the particular sport only. Yahoo Sports is a one stop source for everything related to sports. When you open up the app you can choose your favourite sports to get information on those particular apps. This is one of the best sports apps that lets the users enjoy their favourite sports all packed up into a single app.


As the name implies it’s a weather app. AccuWeather is also available on other platforms like Android and Windows Phone and Windows 10. It’s a great app for Apple TV. The users can can select their region/country and have all the weather information at one place.  You can also view the map with the ability to zoom in and out to see the weather at different places and the cloud cover at various locations.

Kitchen Stories

Now this app is a must download for Apple TV if you are a complete foodie and love to cook also. This app will help users see all the recipes they need and the different ways to cook those delicious recipes. It allows the users to see different videos which instruct the users  on how to cook food and due to this it is included in our list of Best Apple TV Apps of 2018


Let’s discuss a bit about gaming as that’s among one of the factors that make the Apple TV worth using. As Apple has focused a lot on providing developers with a platform that will allow them to develop amazing HQ gaming apps for the Apple TV. Break Neck is one of the best gaming apps in the app store. The game is actually about getting as far as you can without hitting the obstacles in the way.

So these were the top Apple TV apps. Hope you like them.

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