Best Home Security Systems of 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Security has always been one of the greatest concern of people from all over the world, be it related to their personal belongings or any other held possessions, security is something that couldn’t be comprised upon. If your key possessions and loved ones  i.e. children, houses etc. aren’t secure then you feel insecure and are always vulnerable. As a result, you spend every day of your’s in worries.

To relieve your worries new technologies are being introduced every day to make your world a much better place with lesser worries. Today we will discuss some of the best home security systems available in the market and how these systems help people make their homes more secure. These systems provide you with the utmost comfort so you can easily focus on your day to day lives without being least bothered about your homes. Some of the best home security system included in our list are so advanced that it sometimes becomes difficult to decide which one to select.

Following are the Home Security Systems 2018 included in our Top Picks List

NameCurrent Price
SimpliSafeCheck Current Price on Amazon
Fuers W1Check Current Price on Amazon
ISmartAlarmCheck Current Price on Amazon
ScoutCheck Current Price on Amazon
ArmoraxCheck Current Price on Amazon
LiveWatchCheck Current Price on Amazon
Skylink Wireless Alarm SystemCheck Current Price on Amazon

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Best Home Security Systems of 2018

Best Home Security Systems 2018

These security systems provide various packages with different features and payment plans. Some of these security systems provide a fixed set of features while some are customize-able as per your need. Some security systems require professionals to install them while some are DIY (Do It Yourself) and can be installed in no time. Most of the best home security system 2018 included in our list provide remote access via Mobile and Web Apps. These apps allow you to monitor the status of your secured facility remotely with just a mere internet connection. Few of these security systems provide 24/7 monitoring services for additional charges.

These security systems are mostly wireless i.e. you don’t need to worry about wires or any cables and joints etc. Some of these security system providers provide annual subscriptions while some of them provide flexible monthly or quarterly payment plans with the freedom to cancel subscriptions at any time.

The following are the best home security systems which are reasonably priced and are also reliable. Some of these security systems offer home security and home automation. While some offer business security solutions and much more Anyhow it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. From time to time these security systems offer deals and promotions with many features at a discounted price. Before getting a quote, most of the companies prefer to interact with you personally in order to provide a solution that fits your need and desires.

Few of the best home security system 2018 that we will be reviewing are:

  • SimpliSafe
  • Fuers W1
  • ISmartAlarm
  • Scout
  • Armorax
  • LiveWatch
  • Skylink Wireless Alarm System

1) SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a USA based Home Security system based in Boston. It specializes in home security systems and has a huge market in the business. It provides a lot of features and different packages with good savings.It is easy to set-up without any hardware installations even one can do it himself within an hour.

Like other companies who make you sign the contract on annual basis and charge you extra for every renewal, SimpliSafe doesn’t do that, it provides you the flexibility of leaving their services at any point in time with 2 months money back guarantee and no return or shipping fee.

It has a three-layer intruder protection feature i.e. if an intruder smashes your keypad, cuts your home phone connection or even if you lose power. Its wireless system sends you alerts within seconds and contacts emergency services. It is specially designed to detect the specific types of heat signatures and motion, so your pets can enjoy the benefits of this security system and above all, it can be controlled remotely via smart-phone or laptop.


Ultimate PackageMaster PackageClassic PackageEconomy PackageStarter Package
Includes Burglary, Fire, CO, Freeze and Flood SensorsFully protect larger homes–plus fire detection

Terrify burglars with a powerful 105dB siren
Most people find this package just rightPerfect for smaller homes and first-time shoppers
24/7 Professional Monitoring & Police Dispatch24/7 Professional Monitoring & Police Dispatch24/7 Professional Monitoring & Police Dispatch24/7 Professional Monitoring & Police Dispatch24/7 Professional Monitoring & Police Dispatch
Wireless—No Phone NeededWireless—No Phone NeededWireless—No Phone NeededWireless—No Phone NeededWireless—No Phone Needed
No Long-Term ContractsNo Long-Term ContractsNo Long-Term ContractsNo Long-Term ContractsNo Long-Term Contracts
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, Love it Or Return it!Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, Love it Or Return it!
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, Love it Or Return it!Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, Love it Or Return it!Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, Love it Or Return it!

Due to all these features, it is included in our Best Home Security Systems 2018 list.

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2) Fuers W1

Another one among the best home security systems is the Fuers Home Burglar Alarm System. Link Interactive provides a DIY security system i.e. Do It Yourself. You are provided with the options and given a free choice. It can pair 64 wireless sensors and 8 remote controller, sensors and can be set into 8 defense zones of your own choice.  if you need any help, you can contact the support via Amazon, they will provide you more details, and would also customize the product for you according to your requirement.

You can configure this security alarm with your WIFI and telephone line to work, when the sensor is triggered, it will push alarm message to the APP via WIFI and call the phone number via the telephone line.And if  WIFI fails, W1 will change PSTN mode to auto.If you don’t want to use telephone line, you can just use WIFI to work this alarm system

Most of the security systems rely on your provided internet connection but somehow if this link is broken and a threat arises the security of your family or personal possessions will still be intact via telephone, line, you don’t need to worry about the internet connection.

The alarm system is fully customizable, and once triggered is loud up to 110db  that will most likely scare the intruder when he/she tries to breach your security. The alarm console’s dimension:150*50*82 mm,lightweight and portable, can be well hidden, not to be found by can be charged by USB cable adapter.

Due to all these features it is included in our list of Top Home Security Systems of 2018.

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3) ISmartAlarm

ISmartAlarm is another one among the list of best home security systems owned by the ISmart Alarm, Inc. It is US based company headquartered in California . This company has more than 5 million satisfied customers and none of them had any complaints so far.

It provides you with a wide variety of functions beginning with the opening of the doors. Everything From your doorbell camera to anti-theft locks and other hardware that you need is all provided by the company itself. Its installation is quite easy and convenient, it has a DIY installation and can be setup within 10-30 minutes.

ISmartAlarm provides a wide variety of tools and gadgets that will make your home a secure place to be you can easily manage your home security from anywhere in the world using their smart-phone app which is totally free of cost. They also provide Amazon Alexa voice control for your ease.

They provide door and motion sensors with Remote Tag for easy control from your keychain, and all can be quickly set up in less than ten minutes.  it has no monthly fees and annual contract option so you don’t need to worry about your service cancellation.

You receive quick emergency notification with phone calls, SMS message,* push notifications and emails when iSmartAlarm sensors detect unauthorized activity or when some incident is taking place at your place, and the user can immediately view the home’s status and safety in real time.

Due to all these features it is included in our Home Security Systems 2018 Buyer’s Guide and is one of the top home security system 2018 has to offer.

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4) Scout

As the name suggests Scout will be looking after your house even when you are not. It is among one of the best home security systems It is easy to setup without any tool or hardware installations. It provides a wide variety of functions and features and is very convenient to use. A mobile app is provided which you can download from play store or apple store for free.

Scout app lets you access the setting remotely from anywhere while you can manually set the level of permissions to each individual provided that they have access to the secured home. Allow different relatives or friends to enter your home for few minutes or else lock them out. Its all up to you, which features you want and which features you don’t want. You will only pay for what you choose. Scout comes with a money back guarantee and One-year Product warranty.

Scout main features include:

  • Pro-monitoring (optional) i.e. someone will always keep an eye on your home.
  • No contracts are signed, like other security companies you are not bound to notify the organization before canceling their service plan. you are free to do whatever you want.
  • Like every other security company a 24/7 customer support is provided, they will handle your queries of any kind.
  • In some of the other solutions False alarm may be issued from time to time which may cause you annoyance and make you shut down their security service. Scout tries to minimize these false alarms.
  • Tool-free setup is provided, most of the security systems are harder to install as, a professional is required to install these systems. While scout allows you to install the system themselves and within the bare minimum time of ten minutes Hence the security system is operational for you on the go.
  • If you want to change your house and you want to take your security system with you then there is no need to worry. you just have to remove the system, which is easy, as this system is not permanently  fixed and can be removed. So pack it and take the system where ever you want.
  • App-based control and monitoring is also provided, that allows you to connect to Scout from any place.
  • Custom action and alerts are provided in the app, which allow you to set different alerts for the different set of incidents. you can set different notifications for burglary and others different forms of unauthorized access.

Scout Hub is provided, This Hub ensures a constant, wireless communication between  you and the Scout sensors. The Hub will send relevant notifications to your smart-phone and computer and will also  trigger a 105dB siren when your security is compromised.

Due to all these features it is included in our Best Home Security Systems 2018 Buyer’s Guide.

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5) Armorax

If you are looking for a security system that doesn’t go heavy on your pockets and provides you with a variety of services than Armorax is considered to be the best home security system for a low budget user. Its low price doesn’t mean that this system compromises on quality.

Its installation is easy you just need to get a quote, sign their contract and get the base system delivered to your doorstep in no time. Add additional sensors to the base system during the initial order or at any time in the future on personal convenience. To get a quote simply speak to one of Armorax sales agent.

Armorax comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like the system then you just have to send the equipment back to the company and get your money refunded. It’s a DIY System and easy to set up within 10 to 15 minutes. Its features include:

  • 1080p (2MP) or 720p (1Mp) video streaming.
  •  video feed storage for up 7 days within the app. The cameras come pre-installed with SD card.
  • you can get the video feed at any time when the alarm goes off or when any other incident happens.
  • Set location-based rules to automate the system behavior.
  • Controls lights, thermostats, garage doors and door locks.
  • A Mobile App along with Web App is provided for remote access control.

There are lots of other features which you can check on their site. Armorax has its own touch-screen control panel that you can use to perform various tasks.

Due to all these promising features, it is included in our Best Home Security Systems 2018 list.

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6) LiveWatch

LiveWatch is another awesome home security system that lets you control the security system at any time from any place. The live watch provides you with the plug & protect system, all you need to do is just plug it in and your facility/home is secured. They have already pre-configured the system before it is delivered to you so it is easy to install.

They have a DIY security system with a 2-layer protection, you don’t need to worry about burglars and don’t require a lot of sensors to secure your home. With a few accurately positioned door and motion sensors, LiveWatch provides you two layers of home protection for a fraction of the cost for a traditional wired security system.

You can control the security system from the alarm panel, or use the smart-phone app to get complete access from anywhere. LiveWatch’s alert system, ASAPer, sends you important alerts to your smart-phone seconds after an alarm is triggered. You can resolve the alarm from your smart-phone or web application. And if it is a thief or some burglar, then Live Watch monitoring center will dispatch the police to the alert location. It’s easy to beef up the Plug&Protect at any time. Want to add a flood sensor? A smart door-lock? Plug&Protect systems can serve as a central system for up to 40 security and smart home devices.It also provides a location-based control, and video capturing which can be stored on the app. Live Watch provides different packages which are given as follows:


Mobile ProTotal Home
FREE Amazon Dot
Total Home + Video
FREE Amazon Dot
24/7 Monitoring24/7 Monitoring24/7 Monitoring
Remote Arm & Disarm
Remote Arm & DisarmRemote Arm & Disarm
Crash&Smash Protection
Crash&Smash ProtectionCrash&Smash Protection
LiveVoice® Assist
LiveVoice® AssistLiveVoice® Assist
Smartphone ControlSmartphone Control
Home AutomationHome Automation
Location-based ControlLocation-based Control
Real-time AlertsReal-time Alerts
Smart Image CaptureSmart Video Capture
Live Video Streaming
Includes Security Camera

Due to everything mentioned above it is included in our best home security system 2018 list and rated as one of the Top home security system 2018 got to offer.

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7) Skylink Wireless Alarm System

Skylink is one of a kind security system that comes with an affordable price and DIY installation. It can be integrated with 30 skylink accessories and is ideally suited for small and medium-sized homes. With built in 10.1″ screen, this remote framework is an entire remote checking framework with all that you require. 1TB hard drive pre-installed, that can hold the recording for more than 30+ days under movement recognition. Live view on your smart-phone from anywhere anyplace, get real-time seamless notifications.

NVR with worked in router ensures a superior wi-fi coverage, It doesn’t utilize your home bandwidth and transfer capacity, which holds your home wi-fi transmission capacity for your TVs, tablets, and telephones. Wi-Fi strength will be affected by the walls, so put the video recorder as close to the cameras as possible.

You can see completely clear and point by point pictures with 1.0 Megapixel (1280*720) cameras . With 3.6mm wide edge LEDs 4pcs infrared light night vision up to 100ft(30m) are included in the package.Utilizing IP 66 weatherproof aluminum lodging material, cameras can be utilized inside and outside.

Cameras will auto combine to NVR recorder, there is no compelling reason to hook any video links from the cameras to the NVR video recorder, however cameras don’t have a battery installed, every camera has a power supply with around 10 feet of electric cable, and they should be connected to an electrical plug adjacently.

Utilized the most developed chipset arrangement available and UL guaranteed control supply for dependable video quality and wireless association.

Due to everything mentioned above it is included in our best home security systems of 2018 list and rated as one of the Top home security system 2018 got to offer.

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Best Home Security Systems 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Our Verdict, some of these security companies offer good services at reasonable prices while some of them let you choose the security of your choice and charge you accordingly. Some of these security companies make you sign a contract with which you are bound to their companies while some of these companies allow the users to cancel their subscription plan for services before the end of contract period.

The security systems mentioned above are the best home security systems compared to other hundreds of security systems. We have reviewed them for you and discussed the features and other attributes of the security system to let you make up your mind on which system you would like to choose from. The security systems mentioned above provide services at different parts of the country. It would be great if you have selected the system before contacting the salesperson of the given company for the installation of the security system.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Best Home Security Systems 2018 for more happenings and updates stay connected to us like our facebook page so that you may not miss anything.Hope you have an amazing day.

Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.. We use all of the products on this page and recommend them because they are companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed below!

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