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Amazon recently introduced “Amazon Go”, a shopping store experience redefined. Amazon Go is a newer and a fantastic way to shop at a store. Imagine you visit a store to pickup a few things and when done with shopping there is no need to wait in lines at the checkout counter. A checkout free  shopping experience is every ones dream come true. Well your dream shopping experience is soon to become true! Yes. Amazon is launching their new checkout free shopping experience known as “Amazon Go” with the concept of checkout free stores. Currently in order to test the overall experience “Amazon Go” stores are only available to Amazon employees.  The stores are expected to open in the first half of 2017 to the public till then there is a bit of wait for the customers who are excited about this amazing product.

  • What is “Amazon GO”?

Amazon Go is an advanced shopping store. Wait! what is meant by an advanced shopping store? Advanced shopping store implements the concept of hassle free shopping. This means you can go to a store just put the things you need in your trolley and come back without waiting in lines at the checkout counters.

  • How does “Amazon Go” work?

Amazon Go grocery store implements the concepts of Sensor Fusion and Machine Learning in order to revolutionize the shopping experience. You can buy anything ranging from home security systems to your favorite and latest vr headsets etc.

  • Sensor Fusion

Sensor fusion is used to get the data from multiple sensors for example when you pick up or put back an item in the trolley.

  • Machine Learning

Where does Machine learning comes in? Using machine learning algorithms with computer vision helps the system to identify the details of what item is being picked and who is picking the item.

Before you go to check out the Amazon advance shopping store you need an Amazon account and their Amazon Go mobile app. Once you have mobile app connected to your Amazon account then you are good to go.

Since there is one store that in which the Amazon Go service is available but only in beta to its employees. The store is located at “2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street”. To get directions to the store click here. Follow this link to get notified when they open the store to the public in 2017 and in the locations near you.

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