Samsung Galaxy Note-8 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note-8 Release Date

There are different rumours surfacing regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note-8 and it seems that we would very soon be seeing a new flagship device from Samsung.Following the Note 7  catastrophe, it seems that  Samsung has learned a  lot over time as in the release of  S8 and S8 plus the battery issue seems to have been finally resolved as there have been no reported issues of battery explosions.

Samsung releases its two flagships models every year that is the Galaxy  S   series and the  Galaxy note  Series phones. It is also included in Top Rated Camera Phone List being offered to customers. Galaxy  S  series in the first  Quarter while note series in the third  Quarter of the year.

According to official reports, the ill-fated Note-7 explosions were mainly due to the poor insulation between the positive and negative plates which caused the separator of the battery to get damaged.  The flow of positive and negative charged ions came in contact with each other and as a consequence, the temperature of the battery significantly increased resulting in cases of fire and explosions.

However, the S Series line-up that comprised of the  S7  and  S7  edge did not seem to be affected by it at all. The S7 and the s7 edge made record sales of 55 million units that were sold all around the world.

Samsung also released the s8 and s8 plus models in April this year to fill in the gap created by the note 7 Samsung opted for larger display sizes in both its S series models the S8 and S8+.

According to Samsung this bezel less screen on the s8 and the s8 plus the former being 5.8” having 570 pixels per inch while the latter being 6.2” has a PPI of 529. Samsung has decided to call this display as the infinity display. This infinity display was a good deal for Samsung another highlighting feature of this infinity display was that the default resolution is full HD + which is 2220 x 1080 you can even go to a lower resolution of 1480 x 720 known as the HD+, however, the native resolution is 2960 x 1440 p while some applications may not be optimized for that.

Now after the success of s8 and s8+ Samsung after a long wait has decided to release its phablet size note series phones again. In this review we will discuss the rumoured features of the Samsung Galaxy Note-8:

The galaxy note 8 would be available in two different variants the 64 GB variant and the 128 GB variant. It may have a 6GB RAM and will have Corning gorilla glass 5 protection. The latest note from Samsung will have Android Nougat out of the box. It will have grace UI on the top. It may come in both Exynos and Snapdragon variants. In the camera department, it is likely to include a 13 MP OIS as the primary Camera and 8 MP as the secondary camera. It will have the IP 68 Certification which means that it will be water and dust resistant. It will be capable enough to recognise 4096 different pressure levels. 


  • Rear Mounted finger print Scanner
  • 4 GB/6GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 835 processor / Exynos 8895 for the International model.
  • 64 GB/128 GB Primary storage options.
  • Bixby Samsung’s own assistant.
  • Dual Rear Camera Setup
  • IP 68 certification.

Why is it such great of a deal?

After the misadventure and official recall of the Samsung galaxy note- 7  worldwide the note 8  could be a comeback for Samsung, to win its brand loyalty again and we are quite sure that  Samsung is capable enough of doing it.

Possible Rivals for the Galaxy Note 8:

  • Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.
  • Google pixel 2
  • LG G7 and LG V30
  • One plus 5
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Apple iPhone 8 is also expected to release in September 2017 one plus 5 is also ready to hit the market and Google has also decided to launch its latest iteration of Pixel phone the Google pixel 2.

Samsung is extra careful this time:

Samsung is extra careful this time and has incorporated an 8 point battery check to ensure the safety of the customers as well as the device. Following are the different series of rigorous tests Samsung is now performing on its batteries.

   Samsung’s 8 Point battery Check:

Samsung is now extra cautious about its devices and has started to conduct different tests to ensure customer satisfaction. Samsung is also trying to make sure that a sordid happening unlike that in the past may not happen again.Samsung Galaxy Note-8 battery will also have to undergo these series of stringent tests.

Expected Release date:

The rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note-8 will be released in August. According to some sources, the date could be 23 or 26 of August, while it will be available for shipping around the world later in September and will be available with all the different carriers by then.

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