The Nokia Nostalgia Is Finally Over

nokia nostalgia

Nokia was considered as a legend and a pioneer when it came to phones and innovation; but like many tech giants, Nokia also had its ups and downs. After a long wait, it looks like the bad days are finally over for Nokia, and an end has come to the Nokia Nostalgia.

We all know about the peak days of Nokia; when it was the market leader. Despite brands like Sony  and Motorola and many others in competition;  Nokia always remained the boss. We all remember the Nokia N, C, and Xpress Music series; I still remember what a day it was for me when my dad bought me my first phone the Nokia N97; and how I was considered a hero among my friends as I was the only one with that phone. Ah, glory days.

Enough from the memory lane; coming back to what happened that caused the present day Nokia Nostalgia. Then in the Q3 2007, an actual smartphone popped out of an Apple; the iPhone launch redefining how people perceived smartphones. Then in Q4 2008 came an open source platform known as Android, and many phone manufacturers adopted Android and entered the smartphone race. So for Nokia to get into the smartphone race, it decided not to follow others and teamed up with Microsoft; which was also in the race for creating a mobile operating system better than the existing Windows Mobile. So in Q4 2010, Microsoft introduced its Windows Phone mobile OS platform. In Q4 2011 Nokia and Microsoft Partnered and released their first line of Windows Phone-powered handsets.

So what went wrong? The smartphone ship had already sailed for Nokia and Microsoft; as people were more towards Android and iOS due to a very user-friendly UI and a vast variety of store apps. By 2014 due to financial damages Microsoft acquired Lumia smartphones division from Nokia and started releasing the Lumia phones under Microsoft branding; despite many efforts and a new Universal Windows 10 platform Lumia was only able to attain 3% market share. So Microsoft decided to sell its Lumia division to Foxconn International.

The Nokia Nostalgia lasted long being specific nine years. Finally, in the mid of Q3 2016 FIH Mobile a sub company of Foxconn and HMD group acquired Nokia. Still, no one knew the fate of Nokia. The end to Nokia Nostalgia came when HMD announced the release of Nokia 6 Android smartphone in the Chinese market and the record-breaking stock clearing of 1.5 million Nokia 6 smartphones in a 50 seconds time frame made it clear that Nokia is coming back giving a fierce competition to other manufacturers.

The day came, and on the very first day of MWC 2017 Nokia released four phones including three smartphones and redesigned Nokia 3310 with its iconic form factor. It was like an anti-nostalgia medicine for those suffering from the Nokia Nostalgia.

The three smartphones released are as follows:

Nokia 6:

Nokia 6 is the high end set released by Nokia, and its specs were known as it was released in China first. The phone is made from an entire block of Aluminum thus creating a sleek and one-piece form factor. The phone has sealed in case Corning Gorilla Glass Display. Its strength is determined by the Walnut breaking videos that arrived from China the Walnuts cracked, but the phone remained intact. The phone also packs in other goodies like the Dolby ATMOS sound system and a fingerprint reader. The phone costs around USD 250 making it an affordable and a real bargain for the price and specs. The phone comes in five colors. The rest of specs are as follows:

– Nokia 5:

The mid-range smartphone introduced at MWC was the Nokia 5, and like the Nokia 6, it too has been made out of an entire block of Aluminum. The phone has a sleek design with a sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass display. In addition to its incredible design, the phone comes with a fingerprint sensor to enhance the device security. The phone comes in four colors. The phone will cost around USD 200 a good option for those who are looking for a mid-budget phone with good specs. The rest of the specs are as follows:

– Nokia 3:

Lastly, Nokia announced its low-end device the Nokia 3 a low-budget device that meets everyone’s budget expectation. The phone costs around USD 147. Like its sibling, the Nokia 3 too is made of a single block of Aluminum. Despite being a low-budget device the device has a premium Aluminum finish and specs wise the device doesn’t let down either. The Nokia 3 establishes a balance when it comes to front and rear cameras as both are  8-megapixel cameras; putting an emphasis on the importance of selfies. The Nokia 3 comes in four colors. The rest of the specs are as follows:

Are we missing something?

Well, who can forget the legendary Nokia 3310 the boss of all phones.

The Nokia 3310 holds many titles: The Indestructible, The Heavy Weight Champion, The Survivor, and the list goes on. At MWC 2017 Nokia announced the redesigned and upgraded version of the 3310. The phone is lighter and has some new add-ons. The phone comprises of a:  2MP camera with flash, Polarized curved glass screen, and headphone jack. The phone has a new version of Snake a great revival of good old memories and fights over who gets to play Snake next. The rest of the specs are as follows:

Nokia announced that it will now adopt the Android Nougat platform for its smartphone line. Nokia will take the full range of Google services and not rely on any third-party modifications or add-ons. These phones are expected to release Q2 2017. The Nokia MWC 2017 event showed that Nokia is returning but with a bang so its time other manufacturers pick up their game.

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