How To Fix Water Damaged Phone || Guide

It is one of the most common thing that happens with almost everyone. Yes i am talking about dropping your phone in water either accidentally or due to carelessness. Whether you drop your phone in pool, washroom or in any other place you know that when it would come out it won’t work anymore unless you have latest water resistant smart phone.

Nowadays more and more manufacturers are moving toward designing phones that are water resistant but still not everyone have those phones and of-course not everyone can afford one too.

Before i move towards telling you how to fix water damaged phone incase you drop it in water let me first tell you how you can save your phone so it won’t get damaged even in case it gets dropped in water so it would be helpful for you in future if you’re just reading this article for information purpose.

The best precautionary measure you can take is to use Waterproof Floating Case by CaliCase. This case will give your phone maximum protection as it uses two layers of high quality PVC plastic.

Now, lets move towards our main topic. So, incase you have already dropped your phone in water now what should you do?

Note: It is important to tell you here that in case you have already dropped your phone which isn’t water resistant there is no 100% guarantee that it will work like it used to before being dropped.

Following are the tips below using which you can save your phone from getting destroyed and save important data that is present in the phone.

How To Fix Water Damaged Phone

How To Fix Water Damaged Phone

The first and most important thing to do once your phone is drowned is to take it out and make sure the phone is turned off. The longer phone would stay in water would increase chances of it getting more and more damaged.

If in case phone is still ‘ON’ you should first turn it ‘OFF’. Next and important step to follow is to start disassembling the phone (only parts that could be easily removed by user) this includes removing back cover, phone’s battery, SIM card, SD card etc and dry the phone using a towel. I do not recommend to disassemble the whole phone as it could void the warranty and in case phone is under warranty it would be better to take it to your tech specialist.

While drying phone make sure to do it gently and get rid of any excessive water on the phone.

how to fix a water damaged phone

Next important but little time taking thing to do is to put your phone inside bag full of rice or in bowl full of rice and let it rest there for at-least three days.

You might be thinking why rice? It is due to the face that bag of rice is easily available in every home and rice is well known in absorbing humidity in air that makes the environment drier and in 2-3 days will dry the device.

Incase bag of rice isn’t available another good alternative is the silica gel packs that often comes in electronics or shoes boxes.

What Not To Do Incase You Drop Your Phone In Water

There are some things that you shouldn’t do incase you drop your phone in water and i am listing them below:

  • The first and important thing you should keep in mind is not to turn ‘ON’ the phone and incase it is already turned ‘ON’ you should first turn it ‘OFF’
  • Next Important thing to keep in mind is not to Plug It in any electrical socket
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is not to press any button of the phone as it could lead to pushing water further into the phone.
  • Don’t move the phone abruptly or shake it as it could also lead to pushing water further into the phone.
  • Don’t heat up the phone as it could further destroy the phone.


If you’ve properly followed all the steps mentioned above and after few days being passed now it’s time to check if your efforts paid off. Now you should turn ‘ON’ the phone and if it turns ‘ON’ and works properly as it used to means you have succeeded.

Incase the phone don’t turn ‘ON’ i would recommend you to take it to Professional to get it checked or claim insurance if the phone have.

I hope our guide on “how to fix a water damaged phone” would have been helpful and given you much needed information. If you have faced any such experience in your life like above let us know in comments section below! If you have any other question or concern related to anything mentioned above please let us know.

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