Best Smartwatch 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best smartwatch 2018 Guide

Welcome to the guide for the best smartwatches 2018. Take a look at the collection we have handpicked for you.

A smartwatch is an electronic gadget that lets you use some of the essential features of your smartphone. It serves both as a timepiece and a wearable technology but has a much compact and minimalistic design when compared to a smartphone.

Here we have researched for you some of the best smartwatches 2018 has for you based on their propensities, abilities, and features which can differ from taking calls/messages to fitness tracking potentials and many more.

Having compiled the list of best smartwatche 2018 we have made your job a lot easier when it comes to choosing a particular watch. Some of these smartwatches are designed by one of the most well-acclaimed names of the smartphone industry.  

 If you’re looking for an Android smartwatch or you are an apple fan-boy who is looking for a companion that leads towards a healthier lifestyle then look no further. Our list of best smartwatch 2018 will help you make the wisest decision while also keeping in mind your budget and taking other considerations into account.

Best Smartwatches 2018

SmartWatch NameCurrent Price
Apple Watch 3Check Current Price At Amazon
Apple Watch 2Check Current Price At Amazon
Samsung Gear S3 FrontierCheck Current Price At Amazon
Sony Smartwatch 3Check Current Price At Amazon
Motorola Moto 360 2nd GenerationCheck Current Price At Amazon
ASUS Zenwatch 3Check Current Price At Amazon
LG Watch Urban SmartwatchCheck Current Price At Amazon
Huawei Watch 2Check Current Price At Amazon
Apple Watch 1Check Current Price At Amazon

Read below for a further detailed individual review of each smartwatch included on our top pick’s list

Best Smartwatch 2018

The New Generation Smartwatch

 Smartphones have revolutionized the tech industry and the lives of many people using them, similarly, the smartwatches are also following the smartphones in stride. They are providing many convenient options and features for the users like heart rate monitoring, step-detection, GPS-Navigation and manifesting important notifications. So the smartwatches have really become an absolute necessity and a fashion statement for the ones who can afford them.

What the smartwatches of this generation provide is something that the mechanical watches could never have given in terms of functionality alone. They can’t catch up with the mechanical watches when it comes to their design and elegance for which most of the people use them for. Although the smartwatches do have the potential to overcome even that with time.

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Why Use Smartwatch?

We thought it would be good if we explained first the need and the benefits that the smartwatches come with. The best smartwatches of 2018 are bringing you with a wide variety of features and properties that are definitely a must have for any smartphone enthusiast. They ensure the provision of some of those options that even the smartphones are incapable of giving to the average user.

  • They come with fewer distractions than a smartphone comes with.
  • You can’t waste as much time as you do on a smartphone.
  • You can use less of your phone and spend more time with friends and family.
  • Can reply to important texts through speech or templates through the smartwatch itself.
  • It can keep an eye on your health by keeping in check the distance you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burned throughout the day.
  • You can also use maps while walking through your smartwatch

These are just some of the benefits that you can avail from getting a smartwatch. It can really turn your life around if you look at it from our perspective. Giving more time to family and friends while staying connected at all times really gives you a feeling of great accomplishment and contentment in life.While keeping a track of your health you would also have the motivation to hit the gym more often.

1) Apple Watch 3

The new and improved apple watch 3 is an upgrade to the old apple watch 2 which apple had launched earlier.

The series 3 apple watch is now the main entrant in the list for the best smartwatches 2018 has brought to you.


  • Cellular connectivity has been added.
  • New Bluetooth 4.2
  • Altimeter
  • Siri voice usage.
  • Heart Rate monitoring.
  • 16gb ROM
  • 18+ hr battery.

Built upon apple’s timeless design the series 3 is quite a feature full device for the smartwatch lovers out there.

One of the best features of the apple watch 3 is that it is now capable of receiving calls/texts as well. Other manufacturers had given this option before so it’s nice to see apple finally adding this feature to the apple watch 3 as well. Now you’re able to take calls, messages, check for emails, listen to music on your apple watch 3.

The heart rate monitoring that apple has provided in the apple watch 3 is now improved an improved version over the apple watch 2. It’s more accurate and performs a lot better than the apple watch 2’s heart monitoring did. They have even provided an alert system which senses any irregularities in the heartbeat and notifies you while you are on the move.

Even with all these amazingly promising features the apple watch 3 is still a strongly build smartwatch that can be used outdoors as well as for sports. The watch even is water resistant up to 50 meters. This makes this feature friendly smartwatch a perfect one for swimming, hiking and even going for a shower what could you ask for more.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best smartwatch 2018 has in stock for you then look no further and go get the apple watch 3 right now. With a battery life of 18+ hours, the apple watch will last you about a full whole day on a single charge only.


  • Receives and responds to calls and messages.
  • Wifi.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 makes for quite a powerful usage.
  • Waterproofing works great.
  • Better heart rate monitoring.


  • The cost might not appeal to everyone.
  • A bit on the heavier side.

Our Verdict:

Apple watch series 3 is really one of a kind, with water resistance up to 50 meters and a great battery life. The apple watch 3 is a powerful device to own. Packed full of many features that one might say that it is even a fitness tracker inside this wonderful watch. The feature-packed apple watch 3 is a definite buy for any smartwatch user because of it’s build quality, its design and many more features. This device has gained the number one spot on the list for the best smartwatches 2018.

So if you’ve ever used a smartwatch before or haven’t yet, you need to go get this product as this is really one of a kind.

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2) Apple Watch 2

The improvement apple watch 2 over the already great apple watch.

The apple watch 2 is the device apple launched after it’s first and main addition to the smartwatches world the apple watch first series.


  • Heart Rate monitor.
  • Breathe Application
  • Health applications
  • iPhone health application.
  • Receive and respond to text messages.
  • Water resistance (Improved)

Apple did make some improvements over the first generation watch and made some things stand out in the apple watch 2 that were a bit lacking in the apple watch. The main improvements were of the GPS, water resistance and the overall hardware of the device to make it better and faster to receiver faster updates.

The main new thing that apple has launched with the apple watch 2 is their WatchOS3. Apple is seriously excited about this OS and has promised some things with this OS that are going to blow away the mind of any apple watch user. The best smartwatch 2018 all consist of some great features but apple seriously is in a league of its own when it comes to quality and giving feature full smartwatches to the users.

The new WatchOS3 gives the users a better experience then they were able to avail on the apple watch. With the new and improved hardware and software we are able to see that the smartwatches’ response rate is better as compared to before. The apps load faster and work more smoother and quicker than earlier. It just provides a better experience all over. The sleep application is quite handy as well. You can now monitor your rest time, the amount of sleep that is required by you as well with the new sleep monitoring system. Now you are more able to use your apple watch 2 like you would use your smartphone. You can take calls, send and receive messages just like you would on your regular smartphone device.

For the people who are into exercising and work out, this watch also works as a workout guide of all sorts, unlike the nike+ watch which only worked more as a fitness tracker. The apple watch 2 now is able to do that and much more. Now you can even leave your phone at home when going on runs you only need to carry the apple watch 2. You can even count your laps at the pool with the watch being water-resistant up to 50-meters.


  • Receiving and responding to texts and call is much easier now.
  • Wireless connectivity is awesome.
  • Multiple apps availability.
  • WatchOS3.


  • Not for every user.
  • A bit heavy.

Our Verdict:

The apple watch 2 with now being able to take calls and respond to texts and the many other features makes it really one of the most future-proof devices out there. It is already on the list for the best fitness trackers 2018 but now it’s making it’s way up to the best smartwatches 2018 has for you as well.  

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3) Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Best Samsung fitness smartwatch in 2018.

The Samsung gear s3 is the perfect example of the best of the Samsung design that we have ever seen so far. When we talk about the gear s3 brilliance and excellence really strikes our mind.

The iconic Samsung design with the software it has now makes this smartwatch really one of the very best smartwatch is going to bring for you. The build quality of the watch, as well as the aesthetics, really make it one of a kind and a definite to have.


  • Beautiful display customization options.
  • Excellent Samsung pay option.
  • Gorilla glass screen.
  • Premium device.

We’ve done some extensive research on this device and even used it thoroughly to find out that the smartwatch works wonderfully in one of the most daunting situations. We have received feedback from our reviewers that the device also has one of the very best designs that are available in the market as of now.


The gear S3 comes in two designs by default. The gear s3 frontier that we have for you right here and the gear s3 classic.

The most astonishing feature on the frontier is that the gear s3 frontier is designed more for sports and outdoor activities. This means that it is more rugged in terms of design than the gear s3 classic smartwatch. Other then these small differences the smartwatches are really sort of very same to each other.

Although one is not lesser than the other when compared to the build quality of the smartwatches. Both come with gorilla glass screens so you can imagine that they both are very nicely built for the average user.


  • Great strong built.
  • Perfect for sports/outdoor work.
  • Gorilla glass protection.
  • Multiple display options.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Turn dial turns the device on by itself sometimes.

Our Verdict:

Through our research on this smartwatch, we have seen that it is really one of the very best that Samsung has to offer as of now.

The smartwatch has passed multiple military level tests in terms of specifications. It passed the MIL-STD-810G tests. So this device really is in a league of its own. We would definitely recommend you to go get this device.

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4) Sony Smartwatch 3

The best Sony smartwatch in the market.

The Sony smartwatch 3 is a major improvement over the sony smartwatch 2 the previous version of this device.

The new and improved smartwatch makes some major upgrades on waterproofing . The clumsy interface of the smartwatch 2 was really not that bearable, to be honest and they have even added a strap interchanging option in the sony smartwatch 3. These three things are a major upgrade on the sony smartwatch 2. Making it one of the top choices in the list for the best smartwatches 2018.


·         Android wear software.

·         Waterproof.

·         Display module is removable.

·         Straps can be interchanged.

·         Large bright display.

·         USB charging.

The Sony smartwatch utilizes the android wear software of google that makes it quite usable in most scenarios. It can be used across a wide variety of platforms because of the android wear software being utilized.


The rectangular shape of the sony smartwatch gives it the appearance that looks similar to most of the fitness trackers that we see nowadays. The rectangular design Is also one of the very attractive designs out there. Quite different from the circular designs out there like the Samsung gear s3 watch out there. But since the smartwatch is really one of the very best smartwatch 2018 has for you, the rectangular design really can be an option to get over the circular smartwatches.

Other then the design the smartwatch has a micro-USB port for charging the smartwatch. There is no need for a docking station with this smartwatch, you can simply charge on the go with a micro-USB so that is a major plus point for this smartwatch.

The smartwatch is heavily customizable as well since you can just pop out the display module and put in the one that you like in terms of design and looks this feature really makes it a wonderful experience to have when it comes to customization of the smartwatch.

Now the display on this device is one to talk about. We have a 1.6” display on this smartwatch which is really one of the very largest on any of the smartwatches of 2018 yet. There are some really great custom smartwatches faces available to use so those can be used quite easily as well.


  • Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Large display 1.6”
  • Micro-USB charging.
  • Affordable.
  • Display module is interchangeable.


  • Not as great of a design.
  • No heart rate monitoring.
  • Viewing angles are not that great.

Our Verdict:

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is really an improvement over the sony smartwatch 2 the predecessor of this device. Sony has made some major upgrades on its previous version. Although it does not has the heart rate monitoring and the viewing angles are not that great either. But the great set of features that this device has to offer and the affordable price of this device really makes up for the cons of this device and it puts it up in the ranking for the best smartwatch of 2018. 

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5) Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation

This smartwatch is known as the best android smartwatch of 2018.

The Motorola moto 360 2nd generation smartwatch is a greater upgrade over the first generation Motorola moto 360 smartwatch. Since the 1st generation smartwatch couldn’t live up to the hype, the 2nd generation Motorola smartwatch is here. We have to say that it really took care of some of the grave issues that were present in the 1st generation model of the Motorola moto 360 smartwatches.

Since Motorola was aware that the 1st generation smartwatch couldn’t really achieve much attention they have really made some great refinements in their 2nd edition watch before launching the 2nd generation Motorola smartwatch. Take a look at some of the features that this device is packing.


·         Motorola app

·         Sizes available in 42mm and 46mm

·         6 designs

·         Moto 360 charging dock

·         300mah battery.

·         Snapdragon 400

·         Motorola mobility charger.

The Motorola moto 360 2nd generation smartwatch is available in two sizes that makes it easier to wear for more people. Since most of the smartwatches are a bit bulky so this is a good optimization feature for the smartwatch wearers. This smartwatch is also available with a wide variety of colors as well so you can add customizability to the feature list of this smartwatch too.

The display of the device is a rounded one like the Samsung gear s3’s design of the smartwatch. Motorola this time again provided the same design for the display as it did on the 1st generation model.The Motorola app is a highly customizable as well, it lets you customize the smartwatch to your requirement and is full of features as the Android smartwatch app is as well.

 Motorola 2nd gen smartwatch is now coming with a Snapdragon 400 with lightning fast speed and coming with 4gb storage and 512mb ram. It is quite clear that this smartwatch won’t be lagging in performance either as this is more than enough for a smartwatch to have.

The Motorola moto 360 2nd generation smartwatch has a really great battery life. With a 300mah battery in it, the smartwatch can go up to 2 days with a single charge of the battery. Really makes it a great device and one of the best smartwatch of 2018.


  • Snapdragon 400
  • 300mah battery. Up to 2 days.
  • Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Highly customizable.


  • A bit bulky.
  • Doesn’t really stand out from the other android wear smartwatches.

Our Verdict:

Motorola has really made up for some of the shortcomings from the 1st generation Motorola moto 360 watch.

With the 2nd generation moto 360 watch, Motorola has really upped its game and is one of the best smartwatches 2018. So we recommend you that if you’re looking for a customizable and strong build watch with some great features then you really need to go and get  Motorola moto 360 2nd generation watch.

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6) ASUS ZenWatch 3

The best smartwatch for the money.

When it comes to ASUS your mind must go to motherboards or graphics cards since ASUS is well known for that. But when it comes to the smartwatch industry, ASUS has some really good looking smartwatches as well. One of the most stylish smartwatches out there belongs to ASUS. Similar is the case with the ZenWatch 3. One of the best looking smartwatches for the money you spend on it out there.


  • Android wear 2.0
  • 400×400 AMOLED display.
  • ZenFit Application.
  • Classis design of watch
  • Android/Phone watch.

The ASUS smartwatch comes with the new Android wear 2.0 software that is a major upgrade on the previous 1.5 software. There have been plenty of applications added to the smartwatch which makes the need for the smartphone useless when connected to the watch through Bluetooth. The smartwatch basically takes care of it all when it is connected to your phone you can even leave your phone in your room while you’re connected.

The display is a 400×400 AMOLED display with some really great colors on it. The watch features a circular design which gives a more classical look to the smartwatch over the mostly seen square designed smartwatch. Having over 60 customization options the ASUS zenwatch 3 really does it all. The design is a really splendid one where there are 3 buttons at the right of the watch which have their purpose assigned to them like launching the zen app for the user and such. With a circular design, the watch really looks marvelous at your wrist. Making this watch one of the best smartwatches 2018 has designed so far.

The ASUS zenwatch 3 also provides some fitness tracking features as well as step, run, jog, push up  tracking options. Whether it’s not as accurate as some but it does have these options as well for the fitness users. The battery is great though lasting about 2 days with a quick 30 minutes charge time. Although no GPS option is a bit of a letdown but that certainly adds to the overall  battery life.


  • Android wear 2.
  • 2 day battery time.
  • Great classical design.
  • Colorful display.


  • No heart rate monitoring.
  • No GPS
  • Bulky.
  • Large in size.

Our Verdict:

If you want a watch with the latest android wear 2.0 software that is available in a greatly designed shape, a classical look and an affordable price. So you definitely need to get the ASUS zenwatch 3. 

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7) LG Watch Urbane SmartWatch

The Best LG smartwatch of 2018. The stylish smartwatch from LG for the trendy user.

like the other smartwatches in the best smartwatch 2018 list, the LG urbane smartwatch is also one of the very best smartwatches 2018 has brought to us in the market. The stylish design of this smartwatch is one of its major selling points.

The LG’s urbane is designed to look like a highly mechanical watch.Some people might confuse it with a highly mechanical device that would be complicated to use. But let’s see what it really is.


  • Stainless steel body.
  • 1.3” screen.
  • P-OLED screen.
  • Circular design.
  • SnapDragon 400
  • 2-day battery life.
  • Voice recognition.

The design of the watch is present in two forms the stainless steel silver and the stainless steel gold form. Take whichever suits your needs and your style. Although at a 1.3’’ screen the LG smartwatch is one of the very smallest smartwatches in the best smartwatches 2018 list. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the very best though. It is still one of the sharpest and the best-designed smartwatches though. Although it can’t cater for the changing lighting since it lacks the ambient colour sensors on it.

The LG smartwatch comes with the regular android wear software but equipped with a snapdragon 400 processor. The smartwatch really packs quite a punch when it comes to processing speeds. With some great fitness options as well there really is nothing that this smartwatch can’t do. Clocking in a 2 day battery time, the LG smartwatch is really one of the very best out there.


  • Snapdragon 400
  • 2 day battery time.
  • Voice recognition options.
  • Android smartwatch.
  • Great display.


  • No GPS
  • Fitness tracking options are a bit limited.

Our Verdict:

To be straight, the LG smartwatch looks better than most of the smartwatches out there in its’ league.

Although it doesn’t have as many features as the others have so that’s why it’s not further up in the list for the best smartwatch of 2018. It is also water resistant but not fully water resistant. But having a leather band, it might not be very useful to expose the watch to water.

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8) Huawei watch 2

The most classical looking and the best Huawei smartwatch out there.

The latest smartwatch from Huawei is the Huawei watch 2 with 4G capabilities. This smartwatch is the upgrade to the Huawei watch 1 the first of its series. It is really an upgrade though over the first generation Huawei watch. Let’s find out what Huawei has to offer in the Huawei watch 2.


  • 2” screen
  • Classical round design.
  • 2-day battery timing.
  • Android wear software.
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • 4G
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Real-time guidance.
  • Offline music.

These are some of the features that make the Huawei watch 2 a must to have and one of the best smartwatch of 2018 has brought for us. For most users, these features are enough and they can make use of the smartwatch as their daily drivers because of these features.

The Huawei watch 2 comes in 2 designs the classical style and the original regular style for the Huawei watch 2. The classical design is mostly for the indoor or office wear. The regular one is a more rugged styled device made for the outdoors and sport based features. This way you can know which one to get if you’re a fitness junky or not. The 4G capabilities make the Huawei smartwatch a real must to have sort of a watch. Giving options for real-time tracking guidance and GPS as well.

The Huawei watch 2 is water resistant as well so you can really use it in rainy storms or if you’re not a fan of those then in the showers as well.

The Huawei watch 2 has the eSim which helps in receiving and taking calls and messages as well on the Huawei watch 2. With the battery time of almost 2 days, the Huawei watch 2 is really one of the very best smartwatches 2018.


  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • GPS
  • Offline music.
  • 2 day battery time.
  • 4G smartwatch.
  • Rugged display.
  • Customization options.


  • 1.2” display.
  • Large size.

Our Verdict:

Huawei has really put in some work in its Huawei watch 2 and really made it a wonderful experience to use. Having two wonderful designs for the casual user as well as the rugged outdoor user as well. The Huawei watch 2 is really a beautiful device meant for all.

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9) Apple Watch 1

 Apple watch the first generation of apples’ smartwatch.

Now we have seen that the Apple watch 1 is the most affordable alternative to the latest apple watch 3 and apple watch 2 if you are looking for a budget future proof watch. It lets you monitor your health while keeping a track on yourfitness routine.


  • Compatible with I phone 5 or higher.
  • OS 1.0 used
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Dual-core Processor
  • Splash Resistant
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Composite Back
  • Display: 326 PPI
  • Storage: 8GB
  • 18 + hours battery.
  • Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple watch series 1 is definitely apples most personal device launched till 

One of the best features is considered to be its stylish design and clever interface. Having access to your messages, mail and every notification on your phone are definitely handy. Tracing your phone when it is lost is a bonus feature that will come in handy as well. This watch may not be the most comprehensive tracking device for fitness routine but it helps you count calories burned, measures steps walked and serves as a heart rate monitor.

There is little to say while talking about apples’ watch 1 which we have not already said about the apple watch 2 and 3 but we think apple watch 1 can be the sweet spot for customers in terms of pricing and features.


  • Receives and responds to calls and messages.
  • All notifications received on phone are displayed
  • Phone Tracker
  • Smart coaching feature
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 makes for quite a powerful usage.


  • Battery life is one day
  • Missing many key apps

Our Verdict:

As the time goes by the choice between which apple watch to buy becomes more difficult. To a novice user, they look all the same thus complicating the decision further. In apple watch 1 series although there are feature differences but if your decision comes down to price apple watch 1 is definitely the best one at its value.

So if you’re looking for the best smartwatch 2018 has to offer, the apple watch 1 is one of the very best one in market for you.

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We have provided you with the best collection of smartwatches. Now it is up to you guys to choose from these and buy the one that suits your needs. If you ask us, these are the smartwatches that are known to be the best smartwatches 2018. So just look for the one that suits your needs in the home or any place else and have an awesome experience.

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