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Want to buy a desktop computer in 2018 this article is where you can find out about the Best Desktops 2018.

Personal Computers and Laptops act as a key component in our daily lives as it helps in getting things done whether one is working from home or at the workplace. Some people consider it as a key source of connecting with friends and family. It acts as great source of entertainment. Personal Computers offer a battle ground where virtual enemies or opponents are defeated. Lastly personal computers provide an All in One solution for all the above things a computer can do. Every person has specific preference when it comes to personal computers. Some people prefer to go with laptops while some avoid the hassle of keys relying entirely on a touch screen with a stylus at most. Then there are those who instead of holding stuff wear it roam around i.e. VR.

There are certain people for whom their entire desk is their canvas or control station where they like work. Thus for those who love to interact from their desks. We at Bottom Stack had to compile a list of the Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018 after a great deal of research.

So to start with the countdown to the top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018 the following desktops are selected. These desktops are selected after a great deal of research and keeping public reviews in mind. The list of the top five contenders is as follows:

1-Apple iMac 5k Retina Display 2018:

The all new Apple iMac 5k Retina Display makes its way to the top of our list of top five contenders when it comes to Best Desktops 2018. The main reason this AIO desktop took the hype was its 5k retina display the first of its kind after the 4k retina display provided by Apple last year. Then to cater the needs of many Apple released it in two main versions the 27-inch and 21.5-inch edition thus catering to the budget and size need of every customer.

The entry model provides a basic configuration of a: Core i5 processor, 8GB of Ram, 1TB of Apple Fusion cum SSD storage and AMD Radeon Graphics. The real killer feature is the mind blowing resolution of 5120×2880 making it the best tool when it comes to design or detail centric tasks. With prices starting at $1999 for 27-inch edition and $1799 for the 21.5-inch edition. This certainly is an affordable and premium designed product to make its way to the top of your desktops. Users who are Mac OS or OSX centered this is an amazing product to go for.

2-Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC:

Making it to second on our list of the Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018 is the Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC. Considered to be the best Windows based AiO of the year by many tech and Windows enthusiasts. With an amazing style factor this AiO provides equally good performance. thus not making it just some sort of stylish PC. Its style with performance.

Its specs consist of a: 6th gen Core i7 Skylake processor, with an amazing GPU from NVidia the GeForce GTX 960M, with a 16GB of RAM, with one 512 GB PCI Express M.2 SSD with an additional 1TB standard hard drive, providing a crisp resolution of 3,840×2,160 with 4k and comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. It is an iMac alternative for Windows users. Coming at a price tag of $1450 for the entry level model making it suitable for those Windows users who want to perform graphics intensive tasks.

3-Origin Genesis Edition 2018:

Ranking at third on our list of the Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018 is the Origin Genesis Edition 2018. Unlike the other Desktops mentioned above this one is not an AiO but instead a tower desktop computer with which you have to purchase a separate display. The performance and design factors gives it another class in its category. Its what’s commonly known as the dream machine for a pro-gamer.

The specs are also very premium on this desktop including a: $1k worth Core i7-5960X processor, with a triplet of NVidia GeForce GTX Titan X GPUs, with a 1TB SSD and an addition 4TB standard hard drive and a minimum RAM of 16GB DDR4 taken from Corsair. Making it every gamer’s first and last crush at least for 2018 as who knows what to expect in 2018. The price tag is a bit heavy reaching up to $10k but for such premium features it’s a bargain worth doing. It’s also a bargain which falls out of the affordability range of many.

4-HP Envy Phoenix:

The HP Envy Phoenix ranks at the fourth position on our list of Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018. This again is not an AiO is more similar to Origin Genesis when it comes to its category of being a desktop computer. The specs are as follows:  Core i7-6700 Processor, with RAM up to 16GB DDR4, with a 512GB SSD and 2TB additional standard hard drive and extra features like liquid cooling makes it another gamers choice. The price tag reaches up to $10k thus making it a close competitor of the Origin Genesis.

5-MSI 24GE Gaming AiO:

Ranking at fifth on our list for the Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018 is the MSI 24GE AiO. With specs as follows: with a 128GB SSD and an additional 1TB standard hard drive, with a GPU from NVidia the GeForce GTX 960M, with RAM up to 16GB and a 24-inch 4k touch screen and with a price tag of $1599 makes it an affordable gamers AiO.

This warps up our countdown to the Top five contenders for The Best Desktops 2018. If you are pro-gamer Genesis and the Phoenix are the choices to be considered. If you want to go for a more pro work cum gaming then the iMac, Zen Pro Z240IC and MSI 24GE are choices be considered.

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